photo by briana morrison.

i use logistics, operations and a sense of humor to turn impossible ideas into realities.

My mind defaults to systems, efficiency and how to destigmatize conversations around money and mental health.

I've been a lot of things in my life -- tour manager, podcast host, summer camp for adults expert, mobile vintage store owner, global fashion manufacturer, event producer... the list goes on, and I'm just getting started.

I currently live in west Los Angeles and run a local event calendar and community for feminist creatives. 

work with me:

I'm currently not available for large scale projects, but I love hearing about cool ideas and projects and supporting how I can. I currently carve out three 30 minute slots a week where I volunteer my time and expertise to support  women & non-binary folks making good things happen in the world. 

If you have questions about ... 

event production, tour management, logistics, operations, how to go from idea to action, travel, summer camps for adults, exposing your (or your friend's) sexual predator online, mental health ...

reach out! Consider it a virtual coffee date where you can ask me whatever. I'm a (pretty) open book.